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Family Therapy

Families can be messy at times! Managing each others varying perspectives, beliefs, intentions and agendas can be exhausting.

As you have probably discovered, if one person in a family is experiencing a problem, it influences and impacts everyone in the family system. In the past, psychologists and psychiatrists worked on the assumption that managing life’s challenges and problems was best done individually. However, that has changed over the years.

Working through family issues involves many dimensions that include understanding previous family experiences, how each family member interacts with each other and how each sees his or her role within the family.

In family therapy, the first step is to hear each family member’s perspective about how the family operates. The therapist engages as a facilitator in allowing each person to have a voice and to share it in a way that is respectful and valued.

The next step is to explore family roles and expectations.

Family members learn how to manage conflict in a way that is compassionate, respectful, and engaging.

Family therapy can be effective in managing parent/child disputes, learning disabilities. substance abuse, and transitioning through family milestones (i.e., the birth of a child, beginning school, relocation, and divorce).

If your family is in crisis, there is hope and the promise for better days ahead.

Dr. Laura Richter is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who works with individuals, couples, and families. Her specialties include: surviving infidelity, improving communication, beginning again after divorce and effective co-parenting after divorce. She is also a trained mediator, qualified parenting coordinator and collaborative law mental health professional. For more information, please call or text us today at 561-715-6404 to schedule a consultation to see how we can help.