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Parenting Coordinators Of South Florida

If parents are engaging in significant disputes and are not able to resolve these disputes, Title VI, Chapter 61.125 of the Florida Statutes provides that a Parenting Coordinator may be appointed by the court to assist parents in agreeing on and enforcing a parenting plan.

Attorneys may also require or suggest that their clients retain a Parenting Coordinator.

A Parenting Coordinator is a highly skilled and experienced professional, who will assist both parents in developing a parenting plan or facilitating the enforcement of an existing plan.

If this happens, the Parenting Coordinator is assigned to the case for a total of two years.

During that time, the Parenting Coordinator, with the prior approval of the court, will make limited decisions within the scope of the court’s order of referral.

Whenever, possible, it is always in your best interest to collaborate and compromise in order to insure the well being of your children. But if that is not possible, the primary concern is for the children.

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